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Thursday, February 25, 2010

House of Elena Miro

Fashion Week in Milan is well underway and off to an impressive start with Italian fashion house Elena Miro. Miro's fashions do not allow for the typical toothpick model to sunter down the cat walk. These designs are for the "real" woman with curves and all!

Owner of the line Elena Miroglio says that her collections "help real women to feel confident and at peace with themselves." She says that it is important for designers to present a different kind of beauty, both in marketing and in the media...KEEP READING

Miroglio has been riding the waves the past few years as she has been praised for her socially conscious efforts. In 2006 a prominent Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston weighing only 88 lbs., died of heart failure related to aenorexia. Since then House of Elena Miro has been in the forfront and Miroglio has been knighted by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for "emaincipating women form a restrictive concept of beauty".

As of now runway models must be at least 16 years of age and have certified proof that they have no eating disorders. This new regulation was created in conjunction with a new code of ethics for the fashion indusrty.