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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beyonce's new Fragrance "HEAT"

This month marks the debut of Beyonce's new Fragrance "Heat"! Beyonce's launch party was a star-studded event held in New York's Union Square on February 2, 2010.

This fragrance is a direct representation of Beyonce's style and career. The title "Heat" comes from her fiery themed world tours and performances. Beyonce says she put a lot of her self into this fragrance so that it represents everything about her. She says, "this is my first fragrance and I want to be sure that I will love it forever continue reading."

Beyonce teamed up with the House of Givaudan’s Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin to make this hot new fragrance. When asked by Stylist blogger Dana Oliver what she wanted people to think when they bought the fragrance she said, "definitely confidence, strength and elegance. I want this to be something that lasts a long time even when I'm not here, and I'm proud that its finally my first fragrance...continue reading"

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