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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Industry Loses Iconic Designer: Alexander McQueen

The Fashion industry has lost one of its iconic leaders. British fashion designer Alexander (Lee) McQueen was found Thursday morning at his home in London. This tragedy comes as a shock seeing that he was only 40 and was such a major influence and innovator in the fashion world.
McQueen's career was jump started upon the completion of his masters degree in fashion. After presenting his degree collection many doors opened up for him and he became very well-known throughout the follow years.

Throughout his career McQueen became Chief designer for Givenchy, creative director for Gucci, and four-time recipient of the British Designer of the year award for his own high fashion collections. His collections are very daring and dramatic with British and French infused influence. McQueen has acquired a franchise of stores in Moscow and Istanbul as well as flagships stores in Milan, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.

Sadly this tragedy strikes a week before London Fashion Week and the unveiling of his newest collection at Paris Fashion week. I am sure he will be honored and remembered intensely throughout this upcoming month.