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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Worst Dressed

And the "Funkinrediculous" Award Goes To...

Twista! What is this pose? I guess the ensemble is not bad (nice watch), but this pose is the worst red carpet look ever!

Niecy Nash

This is a little over the top for the Grammy Awards plus she looks like she's wrapped in a glitzy cocoon. Not flattering for her!
And her make-up! It makes her look so old!


So inappropriate! She would have done better wearing lingerie from Victoria Secret!

Musiq Soulchild

I just don't agree...

Shaila Durcal

What is this, Easter Sunday? Actually its not even appropriate for that.

Michael "Situation Room"

Umh...excuse me, but this is not Red Carpet etiquette. Button your shirt!

Ooh! Wow! It's not the outfit as much as the fact that none of her people stopped her! Pink is not a bad color for her, but the draping around her hips is over accentuating her figure!

LL Cool J and Simone Smith

I just want to know what is on her feet. Are those leg warmers? LL, don't let your wife go out like that.

Lalah Hathaway

This is the Grammy Awards Lalah. That is a beautiful color, but this is a little Oscar-ish

Jonas Brothers
What are we going to a funeral? I know Michael is gone, and the tribute was very touching, but this ensemble is just depressing! COLOR! Get some COLOR!

India Arie

India, I expected a little more...the dress isn't horrible, but she is an artist. Her wardrobe should represent that.

Gayle King

No Gayle.

Chani Christie

I don't condone this. She did not see my blog about being Award Season Ready.

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