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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Week New York Finds a New Home

Fashion Week New York Is Moving!

Yes it is moving, but not too far. Bryant Park has been home to Fashion Week for 15 years, but as of this year that is no longer approved by the city. Due to the expansive setup of the event, Bryant Park Corporation has had a slight control and security issue and has not been able to open the park to the community the way they intend to. Mayor Bloomberg has been asked by Vogue editor, Anna Wintour as well as impacted designers to extend the approval through this February, but all future events--such as fashion week in September--will have to find a new home.

A potential new home that is seriously being considered is the Lincoln Center. This location poses some problems, but might be the most feasible choice. It is not for sure that the excitingly high paced, easy access, tent atmosphere can be recreated at the Lincoln center. If still held outdoors, attendees might have to walk the length of a city block to get to each show!

I know no one really wants to walk that far, but what is Fashion Week without outdoor tents (warmer I guess...)!

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