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Friday, January 22, 2010

Award Season Ready!

Hey everyone! The Awards Season is taking off and I want to be sure you are ready for it! Whether you are out on the town, attending after 5 cocktail parties, or hosting Awards Season events, it is crucial that you make the right impression. All season I will be hitting you with fashion tips from industry professionals themselves who know the game, its rules and secrets!

Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Patrick T Cooper, "has spent years as a leading fashion consultant and trendspotter for dozens of internationally renowned and influential brands" and has taken the time to give a few freebie tips to help you swag your way through this Red Carpet Season!
I know we all like to go for the "Wow Factor", but Patrick assures that this is not necessary for a memorable red carpet look. Go for the "classical and timeless look", says Patrick. "Lady Gaga has the wow factor and is Red Carpet Ready, but everyone cannot do this!" It is best to have a fashion consultant/color analyst who knows and understands how to match you with the perfect style and color to compliment your features.

Patrick also tells his clients to "go beyond the hanger appeal". In essence, what looks good on the hanger may not look good on you and vice versa. Look a little deeper, know the style you want and try things on!

Even once you find that perfect garment, there is still work to be done!
Patrick tells all of his clients to allow plenty of time before an event to purchase their ensemble. "[Ladies] try on your gown three times before you wear it! [Men] don’t be lazy; get out and get your outfit tailored!"

One thing Patrick couldn't stress enough was BALANCE.
"When accessorizing, be cautious; and that caution is BALANCE!"
Ladies: balance your gown with your jewelry. A plunging neckline does not need an elaborate necklace but "[the right pair of earrings] gives a gown that doesn’t have the best presence [the ability to make the perfect impression]."

Patrick points out that men do not have much "play" when it comes to formal fashion. He says
"the operative word for men and tuxedos is tailoring: jacket fits, accentuates your silhouette [and has the] right break in your pant leg."

The one accessory for men that Patrick absolutely loves is velvet slipper. Ralph Lauren, in particular has a rich array of colors in his Spring line that add the perfect "pop of color" as Patrick would say!

Bit of Advice
Patrick left me with this bit of advice that is the essence of this season's trend: “Have fun. Live in color. Life is not black and white. Have fun walking down that red carpet!”

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