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Sunday, February 8, 2009


The misses - the worst - the ugly - WAY OFF THE MARK

Paula Abdul - bling bling gone WAY to wrong. He who judges gets judged.

FANTASIA - Sometimes life is not a fantasy - it is a nightmare.

JORDIN SPARKS - What is that attached to the dress - she is being attacked - the dress is slowly crawling up her neck.

MILEY CYRUS -From the waist up the Miley looked beautiful but when you look down the dress like prom dress. Prom '08 from the waist down.

ESTELLE - were the stylist on strike this year - She looked like something from out of space. She did not look in the mirror - if you saw yourself like that you would know to change. She is very talented don't get me wrong.

- this look has already been done by George Clinton - Enough said!

WILL.I.AM - We have got to right the wrong. I know Will is very talented - we get it you are an artist - but Jockey Hat has got to go! Off to the races.

THE AWARD FOR WORST DRESS - and the winners are:

Natalie Cole - Break free from the chains. I dont know who the designer is but maybe a designer from Cell Block H. I dont know. She has beautiful hair, make up - I know she was trying to be edgy but it didnt work.

BAI LING - This picture speaks for itself. "We represent the Lollipop crew" everything wrapped in a bow is not a present.

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