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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brooklyn Fashion Week{END}

So it's finally here! My Fall/Winter 2010 Collection was recently debuted at the "I AM BROOKLYN" runway benefit show. "I AM BROOKLYN" was hosted by Alex and Simon (Real Housewives of New York), and Derek Warburton (Derek Loves Fashion) at Stage 6, Steiner Studios. This fashion extravaganza is a product of Brooklyn Style Fashion Foundation, an organization that seeks to showcase talented designers and ensure their ability to make a living through their work. For all you talented aspiring designers visit for more information.


Justin French said...

This collection looks great Terri! Amazing work, you truly are a talented artist & deisgner

Anonymous said...

This will astonish you!
Please see before you judge!


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两人 said...

Hi, Welcome to our new shop~


ilaaa said...

Hi terri
I like your collection,,
I really want to become a fashion designer in the future.
After my school graduation I want to design clothes. I've been sketching clothes since I was 6 years old. Do you have some tips or advise for me?