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Monday, June 21, 2010

RODO: From Tuscan Straw to Swarovski Crystals

The fashion house of Rodo, born out of the aspiration of designer Romualdo Dori, captivated the essence of 20th century elegance and demure. Dori created a family legacy when he produced the first Rodo collection of straw hats and Dutch inspired wicker handbags.

From its workshop in Tuscany, Rodo became one of the most well known producers of Florentine straw hats and one of the most sought-after artisans of handbags. Later generations of Dori's delved further into shoe collections as well.

After being passed down through generations of the Dori family, Rodo has maintained its stamp in the fashion industry. Teaming up with the ever-so-popularized Swarovski crystal, Rodo has created a new handbag craze among the celebrities with its new crystallized collection clutches (and heels). These handbags are being sold at a mere $1,912.00 and the shoes range from $600 to almost $900. Is it all worth it? You tell me...

1 comment:

agdame said...

swarovski is more than just crystals, it´s a shiny and sparkle luxury...that makes u feel like a millon dollars...

that´s why I did an illustration of a swarovski crystal shoe, you can see it in my blog so nice really:p