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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fashion Connection

Technology has drastically changed the way we connect as societies, industries, and as nations across the world. The biggest communication bridge has been the Internet and the fashion world is steadily embracing it. As you may have seen with my own live blogs, fashion events and extravaganzas can be broadcast to the public as they happen no matter what the consumer's location. You can receive up to the minute updates on fashion shows, awards shows, and red carpet events from Paris, L.A., Milan, or New York.

Many houses of fashion that we adore have online stores, online fan pages, and stream their runway shows for the world to see. Why this technology shift? Why NOT! This age of consumers lives by the Internet. It is fast, direct, and not to mention cheaper to us, the deigners. The Internet (my blog,
FaceBook, twitter, and my website) has been a great tool for me in reaching my supporters.

Thank you to all of you!
Continue to stay connected with me as I keep you connected with the fashion world we all love!