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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Highball in Full Effect

Kristina Isabelle of the well known Kristina Isabelle Dance Company based in Columbus, Ohio delivers in my couture costume. My design is called "Night" because we all know when the freaks come out. The crowd lived for it and I must admit I worked this mutha out. What do you think? Please post a comment telling me "you worked it"or "get over yourself".

Once again Kristina Isabelle is workin' it out, stilts and all! She is bringing my "Night" to life!
Making memories with the fans!

Althea Gibson from Season 6 Project Runway and I pose it up for the fans.

Nina West leads a thrilling performance of Halloqueens and kings in a dance tribute to Michael Jackson. Believe me when I say you have never seen Thriller like this before. They were Doin It!



Megan V said...

MY GOD. She soooooooooooo worked it!!! Terri - I didn't know that was designed by you!! We missed the intro of that garment but we saw her walking the runway and even working it on the side of the runway. As all the other designs were coming out - all I could look at is your design on this model!! AMAZING design and fabulous model. Seriously. I'm in love. And you can make one AMAZING corset.

Justin said...

Terri, I love this! you are a fashion extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...


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