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Monday, July 20, 2009

Last night the 17th Annual ESPY awards showed us that its not just for athletes anymore. As supermodels, actors, and politicians walked the red carpet, I knew that this was not your traditional sports award show.

Its no Secret that model Miranda looked hot posing on the red carpet.

Kobe looks very well polished but his date, sorry wife looks like ghetto and her cups runneth OVAH . I mean really! I can't!! I hate when bad fashion happens to good people. He should've told her.

Thanks Lisa for being an athlete thats not afraid of showing off her assets.

Samuel L. Jackson had several looks throughout the night but this tonal blue on blue with mix of textures was the best.

The Williams sisters draped their athletic bodies in long colorful dresses.
Venus ACED her blue and geometric print cinched waist moo moo. This was a smart choice as it really complimented her tall slender statue.

Someone Please Call 911 because this is the best Wyclef has ever looked. Way to go Mr. Jean

From Clockwise
Evander, Tyson, Phelps , Brooke, Carmelo, and Demi

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